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  • Implement Restorative Justice Practices: Advocate for the adoption and implementation of restorative justice practices within Atlanta Public Schools. These practices promote dialogue, understanding, and reconciliation, and provide an alternative approach to disciplinary actions.

  • Train Staff and Students: Support comprehensive training programs for staff and students on conflict resolution strategies, restorative justice principles, and effective communication techniques. This will empower them to handle conflicts in a constructive and peaceful manner.

  • Establish Mediation Programs: Work towards establishing mediation programs within Atlanta Public Schools, where trained mediators facilitate communication and help resolve conflicts between students or between students and teachers.

  • Create a Culture of Respect: Promote initiatives that foster a culture of respect, empathy, and inclusivity within Atlanta Public Schools, emphasizing the importance of understanding and appreciating diverse perspectives to prevent and address conflicts.

  • Encourage Peer Support and Mentoring: Encourage the development of peer support programs and mentorship initiatives within Atlanta Public Schools, providing students with positive role models and resources to navigate conflicts in a healthy and productive way.



  • Enhance Technology Infrastructure: Advocate for increased investment in technology infrastructure within Atlanta Public Schools, including robust Wi-Fi networks, up-to-date devices, and software to ensure students and teachers have access to reliable and high-quality technology resources.

  • Digital Literacy Education: Develop and support digital literacy education programs to equip students with the skills necessary to navigate and utilize technology effectively and responsibly, including online safety, digital citizenship, and information literacy.

  • Expand Access to Technology: Work towards closing the digital divide by implementing initiatives that provide equitable access to technology for all students, including loaner devices, internet access, and community partnerships that offer technology resources to underserved populations.

  • Foster Technology Integration: Support professional development opportunities for teachers to effectively integrate technology into their instructional practices, promoting innovative and engaging learning experiences for students.

  • Explore Educational Technology Tools: Research and assess educational technology tools that align with Atlanta Public Schools' curriculum goals and provide innovative approaches to teaching and learning. Advocate for the adoption and implementation of these tools to enhance student engagement and achievement.

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