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"We Can't Wait! Atlanta needs
leadership that CARES" 

Alfred "Shivy" Brooks


Meet Shivy

A son of a Morehouse man and Guyanese immigrant mother, Alfred “Shivy” Brooks was born in New Jersey and raised in Atlanta. Brooks was a member of the Martin Luther King Jr. International Chapel at Morehouse College and became a social justice advocate at a young age. From marching in the 1992 historic Rodney King protest, to being featured on the front of the New York Times today as he led the George Floyd rally in Atlanta, Brooks is committed to standing on the frontlines to speak for those that have been disenfranchised and marginalized. 

As a young adult, Brooks merged his talents in speech with his love for the arts to pursue a career in the music industry where he was awarded “Freestyle Friday Champion” on BET’s hit show “106 & Park”. Life altering news that his brother had been convicted of a crime caused him to suspend his music career to raise his niece and nephew in Atlanta. Shortly after, he lost his lifelong friend to gun violence which became the catalyst to take action and become a community organizer and advocate. 

After graduating Cum Laude from Georgia State University's Andrew Young School of Public Policy, Brooks began his political career lobbying within the Georgia General Assembly as a legislative aide for the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) and the Working Families Caucus. There he spoke on behalf of disadvantaged residents living in the city of Atlanta and highlighted the socio-economic divide in the city. Brooks later worked for the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities advocating for increased funding, health equity and programmatic support for individuals that needed access to mental and physical healthcare.

As a father and resident in the Custer/McDonough/Guice community, Brooks currently serves as an educator, community organizer, and civil rights activist who believes that the best way to shape the future is to start by cultivating the minds of our youth. 


Can we count on your support to create a new future for Atlanta? 

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