Our young people, seniors, families, community, and small businesses deserve more and can no longer wait for politicians to get it right. Atlanta needs leadership that CARES. Last year, we were traumatized by the Covid-19 pandemic, public demonstrations, and countless murders due to social injustice. 
COVID-19 proved to us firsthand how much our elected officials directly impact our livelihood. We are currently experiencing inequity with vaccination rollouts, public services, public safety, municipal court capacity, mass job loss, and lapses in essential city services. We need our leaders to be proactive and creative to solve these issues. We need leadership that cares to answer our calls, and take actions that will keep us safe, protected, and thriving together.
Public safety starts with the People! Atlanta can no longer empower politicians that criminalize our neighbors, while starving us of opportunity.  We deserve leadership that will deal with the root causes of our safety issues. We deserve more than politicians that create laws that hurt our communities and create generations of lost opportunity. Our neighbors have promise, and Atlanta can’t wait any longer for leadership that unlocks the potential of our people. 
During the recent tragic events of George Floyd, Rayshard Brooks, and Bre0nna Taylor I marched alongside the people. One day I received a phone call from my students who were actively marching in the streets. Their call spurred me into action, marching alongside them for the next 150 days. We must reimagine policing in the city too busy to hate. 
Last year, the City of Atlanta had an increase in homicides, aggravated assaults and auto thefts. Crime has been an issue from Bankhead to Buckhead, with the installation of metal detectors at Lenox Mall and hate crimes within Midtown against our LGBTQIA+ community. We have had an interim police chief since June, and have lost two young girls Kennedy Maxie, 7 and Secoriea Turner, 8 due to senseless gun violence. 
As a husband, father, educator, and entrepreneur I want to live in a city that I’m proud of. Atlanta was built on civil rights not paparazzi lights. We are a city of southern hospitality not political hostility. Speaking to influencers, local leaders, and residents the frustration remained the same. LEADERSHIP! 
Frustrated over the inaction, absence, and timidness of our elected officials inspired Me to run for Atlanta City Council Post 1 At-Large.



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Prioritizing internet connectivity as a human necessity for all.



Creating affordable living for essential workers, newcomers, and legacy residents that built our city.




Responding to the needs of our citizens by making their concerns a top priority.



Economic Development

Advancing sustainable economic development through business opportunities, job retention, and access to capital to improve quality of life.



Establishing better public safety partnerships between the community and city leadership.



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